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The entrance to Blessed Man Village passes through a great gateway.  It is a gateway of honor, rather than of defense.  We see our City Gate as two large stones in the form of tablets.  On them are  engraved the ten commandments.  These represent the two stone tables of testimony, first written with the finger of God as recorded in Exodus 31:18.


"Why Brother Al," you might say.  "Surely you know the ten commandments signify the law that no man was able to keep.  After all, Jesus came to fulfill the law, to be the perfect man.  So we are free from the law.  The blood of Christ makes us as pure as if we had obeyed the law in every part."


Yes, this is all true.  We are no longer subject to the pains of the law, once we repent and accept the gift of Christ.  Praise God for rescuing us by the blood of His Son.


But we, here at Blessed Man Village, have determined in our hearts to honor God.  His Word is our food and our focus.  The Ten Commandments tell us what God thinks is important in the lives of men.  If God thinks these rules for living are important enough to engrave in stone, twice, (Ex 31:18, 34:28) we also think they are important enough to engrave in stone – and in our hearts.


In Psalm 119:160 we read, “Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.”


These are God's eternal standards.  They reveal a part of the character of God.  In a measure, they tell us who He is.  They are not obsolete or passé.  They are an eternal part of our eternal Father. Let us always honor Him by honoring them.  Far from being erased by the blood of Jesus, the everlasting law was obeyed on our behalf.


Perhaps you haven't looked at them lately.  Maybe they are a little misty in your memory.  Refresh yourself now, by clicking here. (Exodus 20).

And by the way - maybe you would like to re-read what Jesus said about the law by clicking here  (Matthew 5).


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